Raise Your Self-Esteem by Talking Back to Your Inner Bully

Merle Bombardieri's approach to helping you raise your self-esteem combines the power of cognitive therapy, gestalt therapy, and compassionate approaches based on mindfulness practices.

raising your self-esteem

If you answered "yes" to the above questions, you have a strong critical voice. Merle calls that voice "the bully". She uses the word "bully" because the voice is harsh and unreasonable. Learning how to quiet that voice brings you self-esteem,
peace of mind and a new ability to enjoy life. You will think more clearly and act more confidently when the bully voice no longer distracts you.

Merle teaches you to talk back to the bully with assertiveness and confidence. When you feel bad about yourself, your critical voice is too loud, and your compassionate, confident voice is too quiet. You turn the tables on the bully when you challenge it with the voice of your own compassion and wisdom. When you turn the volume down on the bully and up on the compassionate voice, you will be able to enjoy life, concentrate, and be more productive.

Merleís dialogue technique uses observation, strategy, assertiveness, and humor to counter the bully voice so that your head is filled with a confident, self-accepting voice instead. Merle has broken the process into manageable steps and coaches you through them. She also makes recordings you can download and listen to whenever the bully shows up in your thoughts.

Are you wondering if you even have a compassionate voice? You do. If you didnít already have a compassionate voice, you wouldnít have come to this website. That voice said to you, "I want to feel better. I donít think I should have to suffer so much. I wonder if a psychotherapist could help me." No matter how loud your critical voice is, you can manage and make peace with it.

In addition to the dialogue technique, Merle will give you custom-made protocols based on the unique characteristics of your critical voice. These protocols use visualization, mindfulness and compassion meditations, and your own creativity and problem-solving skills to increase their power and effectiveness.

Most clients find some relief, humor and perspective during their first visit. After several sessions, they report that they are feeling good about themselves much of the time.