Mindfulness and Mind-Body Connections

Like hypnosis, mindfulness and mind-body connections can reduce pain, promote healing and increase calm, energy, hope and self-esteem. Mindfulness, compassion, and other aspects of mind-body meditation have been validated by recent neuroscience research.

Mindfulness helps you be your own best friend - a low key, less reactive friend - when you are anxious, depressed, angry or overwhelmed.

Merle Bombardieri brings you a sense of well-being by teaching you phrases and practices that she adapts to your needs and personality. She starts you with brief, relatively easy exercises such as following your breath for just a few minutes and listening to sounds in your environment (birds chirping, radiators pinging) or walking mindfully.

If you are restless or tend to be on the move, mindfulness and mind-body connections Merle will show you how to walk mindfully and to reach a meditative state in sports, knitting or other activities.

Once you have a foundation in mental calm, Merle teaches you how to use mindfulness to be more observant and less reactive when anger, fear, or anxiety arises. You will be able to problem-solve and communicate to resolve the situation. It is a heady feeling to discover that you can skillfully handle emotions and situations which made you feel out of control in the past. These new skills free you to take risks and tackle transitions with courage.

Merle has done mindfulness meditation since 1985, including silent retreats as long as 10 days. She has received training from the Institute of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy in the use of mindfulness practices in psychotherapy as they apply to anxiety, depression, pain, self-esteem and self-compassion among other topics. This training focuses on adapting these practices to meet the needs of individual clients.

If you are interested in meditation and mindfulness as paths to healing, you and Merle will discover what works best for you. She will teach you how to use proven methods when troublesome thoughts and emotions arise so you can enjoy a clear, optimally-functioning mind.