Insomnia and Sleeplessness

A personalized sleep plan based on your unique needs and sleep patterns often successfully cuts down on your frustration and improves the quality of your sleep and your life.

According to medical studies, when you sleep better, you will have more energy, concentration, and problem solving skill. You will be awake, relaxed and less reactive to difficult people and situations. You will be healthier and possibly lose weight because you will burn fat more efficiently.

Wouldnít it be wonderful to fall asleep easily, sleep straight through the night and wake up refreshed?

insomnia and sleeplesssness

Merle Bombardieri does a thorough evaluation of your particular problems, your circadian rhythms (body clock), your personality, and your sleep patterns. Many of the benefits of sleep also occur during rest. When you stop trying to force yourself to sleep, then you can get some of these benefits even if you are awake but relaxed.

You will learn how to "put your worries and plans to sleep for the night," and how to talk to yourself or use Merleís recordings to ease yourself to sleep. You may suffer more from your reactions to insomnia than from sleeplessness itself, and you can soften these reactions through mindfulness techniques and compassionate self talk. Through guided visualization, you will increase your sense of hope and prepare your mind to come up with new solutions by vividly imaging yourself falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up refreshed.

Some people are skeptical about sleep treatment because they already know the "sleep hygiene" rules: cut down on caffeine and alcohol, exercise, donít stay in bed. But what if you canít bring yourself to take these actions? Through affirmations, goal setting, and hypnosis or guided meditation, you may find yourself easily taking the actions that lead to deep, comfortable sleep.